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Urban Planning can improve Gender Equality

at Purple Street, we analyse public spaces with a gender and intersectional approach through our walks, workshops, and educational materials.

We’ve worked with universities, companies and public entities ッ

  • University of Geneva
  • University of Zurich
  • University of Fribourg
  • Canton de Valais
  • Equal Saree
  • Pedestrians Mobility
  • Janes Walk
  • Lares
University of Fribourg workshop


Workshops aim to merge theory and practical field observation to inspire participants in creating ideas for potential solutionsapplicable to various environments. Targeted mainly at university students, it focuses on architecture, urban planning, sociology, and geography.


Inspired by Jane Jacobs, an American activist known for her influence on urban studies, exploratory walks are a feminist participatory methodology that has evolved and adapted over the years to various contexts. These walks involve groups of local residents, who walk through their neighborhoods to assess different aspects that affect their perception of safety and urban quality.

Walk in Fribourg
University of Geneva course

Educational material

Our educational materials are designed to integrate urban planning and gender perspectives into school curricula, fostering awareness and understanding among students. These resources include comprehensive course modules, engaging presentations, and practical worksheets.

Laura Mayer

Laura Mayer, Founder


Laura began her journey by leading exploratory walks inspired by the work and life of Jane Jacobs. These walks focused on observing and understanding everyday urban life from a unique perspective. As her passion for gender-inclusive urban planning grew, she partnered with Equal Saree, a team of feminist architects and urban planners. Together, they developed the Urbanism & Gender Equality workshops.

Her goal is to promote a gender intersectional perspective in public spaces and educational fields. She believes it's crucial to educate the next generation about the importance of gender equality in urban planning to create more inclusive, safe, and vibrant communities. Join Laura in her mission to transform our cities and schools for a better future.

Having Laura Mayer in my MA-seminar on Built Communities here at the Social Anthropology Unit of the University of Fribourg was a great experience for me and my students. Laura’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaged way of leading the 3-hour session on gender and urbanism was fantastic!

University of Fribourg

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